Structure + Whimsy

Sat, August 16, 20146:00 PM

Join us on August 16 from 6-9 for the opening of our upcoming Art Exhibit featuring the salvaged steel creations of Sheri Fox and Jon Rawlinson, including: wall sculptures, critters, furniture and more.... The exhibit will also include original paintings by Oregon-based artist Cathie Joy Young.

About Sheri Fox and Jon Rawlinson: 

While their creative styles are different, Fox and Rawlinson have a love of metal and welding in common. Their primary material is salvaged steel; their favorite being the rusty, scratched up sheet unearthed from the scrap yard or rebar cut-offs rescued from a building site. The artists also share a passion for recycling and upcycling, taking items headed for the landfill and giving them new lives. They have recently begun collaborating, digging items out of their large collection of rescued objects and turning them into beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of art, furniture and lighting. 

Rawlinson is inspired by the challenge of designing pieces that serve a function while being visually interesting and aesthetically appealing on their own. He loves to play with the natural shapes and colors of the scrap steel he finds, allowing the qualities of the scraps themselves to inspire his designs. You can also see the influence of Spanish masters such as Dalí, Picasso and Gaudí in his designs and the geometric abstract paintings of Piet Mondrian. His design aesthetic veers from organic to industrial. Jon’s work has been featured three years in a row at the San Diego Botanic Garden’s annual juried art exhibit.

Torch-cut edges and rusty scraps feature heavily in Sheri Fox's designs. Her critters are often pieced together using scraps left behind from other projects. They are designed with a sense of whimsy and each has a name and personality all its own. Birds, dogs, cats, iguanas and more feature googly eyes and goofy grins. Her birds are kinetic, gently bobbing their heads in a light breeze. Her work has been exhibited at the Oceanside Museum of Art, San Diego Botanic Garden and the San Diego Museum of Art and galleries across the U.S. Fox and Rawlinson share a welding shop in Cardiff, California.

About Cathie Joy Young:

Cathie Joy Joung's work is figurative with an abstract sensibility and she paints primarily in acrylic on wood panels. She describes her work as being process oriented yet not for the sake of "process" but rather the means by which she gets to the imagery that eventually leads to a story.

"By holding true to all the formal aspects of composition and the visual logic within each piece" she states, "I eventually realize a story via imagery."

Young's images are a result of her own feelings and experiences. Her work depicts an initial whimsical quality and on further analysis each painting portrays a unique "dream-like" aura comprised of thought provoking themes and characters. As the figures emerge, they create a world of their own pulling the viewer deeper into the story.

Joung was born in Grand Forks N. Dakota and currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She holds a B.F.A. in painting from  Pacific Northwest College of Art.