Candela Casado Sastre

Fri, May 23, 20146:00 PM

Please join Nadine Baurin Fine Art in welcoming South American artist Candela Casado Sastre on May 23rd from 6-9 pm at 996 N. Coast HWY 101, Suite C, Leucadia, California.

In this exhibit, the artist will be presenting a select group of pieces from two of her series inviting the viewer to partake on a magical journey of color and movement uncovering a world of infinite visual possibilities.

The first of the series, “Barcos” (boats) takes on a direct approach allowing the observer to recognize the dynamic and colorful shapes that are so characteristic of Casado Sastre’s work, while at the same time providing a glimpse into the wondrous setting of her studio, which is located across the Rio de La Plata (the La Plata River) on the Bajo of San Isidro --a coastal area in the northern part of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina -- where a plethora of boats that traverse the water is a usual and delightful sight.

In her second series, “Collages,” Casado Sastre’s ouvre takes on a different approach in which the artist has chosen to deliberately hide specific areas of an existing painting by means of taking little cut-out pieces of repurposed magazine paper and strategically placing these on top of the image, allowing only specific areas to remain exposed.

While the rowboats, sailboats and other miscellaneous figures continue to be the focal point, it is now up to the viewer to look deeper in order to reveal the imagery that appears hidden within each piece; and, with a discerning eye uncover the multitude of other (less evident) images that originate from each single broken-up piece.

This meticulously orchestrated action, which Casado Sastre has indicated started as a “relaxing game” has in turn encouraged the artist to experiment further; subsequently bringing her work to an entirely different dimension. A dimension in which –as described by Silvina Scarano from Arte al Dia-- “…the limit between the outside and the inside occurs in an orderly, almost obsessive fragmentation of the canvas….”

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina –where she lives and works—Casado Sastre has been painting professionally since 1992. She exhibits her work extensively in her home country as well as internationally in Uruguay, Italy and the UK and has also exhibited her paintings in the USA, primarily in New York and Miami. Candela graduated from the National School of Fine Arts “Prilidiano Pueyrredon,” Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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